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Are you a limo company looking for a partner in Austin, TX? We know what you want as a partner in the livery industry. First, you want a premier black car service that provides safe, 5-star service. Second, you want a partner who will not be poaching your business. We've got both of those boxes checked in spades ... but perhaps not the way you are used to having them checked. Let us explain ...

After a couple of years of accepting farm-ins using the standard boilerplate processes that the livery industry currently uses, we decided that process lacks integrity and it's simply fraught with numerous issues. Everyone always seems to be looking over everyone's shoulders. It's simply daunting! And, quite frankly, we have a successful business and we are not scrambling for business ... so, we simply do not need to put up with the excess hassle.

We firmly believe that there is another way of doing business that is more transparent and makes everyone happy. Following is the only way that we will accept farm-ins from another limo company:
  1. We will provide you a 10% discount off our standard rates. You can see our standard rates by entering the ride into our online booking system. Nothing could be easier. Therefore, you can quote a rate to your customer when you are on the phone with them. There is no back-and-forth between your dispatch and ours ... so nothing could be quicker or easier. You quote your client our rates ... therefore, you make 10% on the farm-out. If they accept, you can book the ride through our online booking system within seconds. Our system will immediately notify us of your request and we will respond within minutes to confirm.

  2. We will NOT represent ourselves as your company, but rather we present ourselves as Austin Private Car Service. This creates a transparent relationship with everyone involved. It also enables us to utilize our standard way of communicating with the client ... a process that has earned us nothing but 5-star ratings. Our drivers or dispatch can also communicate with your dispatch to provide spot time, pick-up time, and drop time if you require.

  3. Within seconds after the ride concludes, our system charges your credit card and sends you a detailed receipt by email.
Yes, we've had clients ask if they can come to us directly. If the client asks, we simply direct them back to you. If you don't believe us, we can put you in contact with several of our partners that can vouch for us. We have a very specific script that we utilize to direct the client back to you. After the conversation with the client, we contact you and let you know about the conversation ... so everything is completely transparent. By the way, here is the script that we convey back to the client:

"We appreciate your question, however [your limo company] is a valued partner of ours and we do not ever want to disrespect our relationship with them. Because of the volume of business, we them give a discount off our standard rates ... so, you would be charged exactly the same rate regardless. So, please continue to book your rides through [your limo company]. Again we just do not want to disrespect our relationship with them."

It's a simple answer and we've never had a client argue with this statement. Clients have always accepted our position. We treat your clients exactly the same as we treat our own ... and, in turn, they (and you!) are rewarded with integrity and 5-star service.

We realize that the only way this method works is if you charge the client our rates. If you are willing to do so, then we have a winning combination that makes everyone happy. In fact, we find that it not only makes clients happy, but they also begin to harbor a deep trust in you ... because you offer them a trusted business partner that has integrity and provides outstanding 5-star service. And really, what could be better than that? What could be simpler than that?

We are a member in good standing with the National Limousine Association.

If you desire to build a long-lasting relationship with a partner with integrity, we invite you to contact us today.
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