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Brad Stevens, Managing Partner, Austin Private Car Service
Brad Stevens
John Waara, Managing Partner, Austin Private Car Service
John Waara
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About Austin Private Car Service


Austin Private Car Service is a corporation. The managing partners are Brad Stevens and John Waara. After many years working within government and private corporations where we experienced limo services as a customer, we were frustrated with the lack of value-added services within the limousine industry and also the habits of black car services to nickel and dime their customers. 

We spent nearly two years researching the livery industry to collect additional information and feedback from other corporate executives and slowly began to build a robust black car service tailored to corporate executives. We created a black car service that took all the great things executives love about limousine services and also eliminated as much of the issues that customers did not like about black car services. The result is not only a reliable, efficient, and cost effective service ... but also a service that eliminates many of the uncertainties of dealing with a black car service.

Austin Private Car Service Corporation was formally incorporated on June 18, 2015 with the State of Texas. Today, Austin Private Car Service Corporation operates 24 hours a day, 7-days and week, 365 days a year.

Social Conscience & Safety

Part of the values of Austin Private Car Service is a heightened social conscience. We treat everyone as equals with regards to age, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, race, and sexual orientation. We not only respect differences, we celebrate them and see them as a strength for our company ... and that includes transportation for LGBTQ customers.

Our social conscience goes beyond just respecting those that may be different from us. The safety of our customers and drivers are important. We have implemented a safety program that offers women traveling solo a set of service features that may help alleviate fears and concerns. We also keep our vehicles well maintained primarily by the manufacturer of the vehicle. We replace tires before they reach the minimum tread depth because doing so not only increases the ride comfort, but also increases safety. Whether we are transporting your child or your corporate executive, you can be sure that our safety programs are designed with your best interest in mind. More information about these programs can be found on our FAQ page.

To us, our service is not just a way to make money and earn a living. It's more than that to us. We have a relentless desire to offer an efficient, safe and reliable service.

Creating a Culture of Respect and Work/Life Balance

Our goal is to create a company that respects our drivers as partners in creating a world-class experience for our clients. To us, creating a culture of respect and work/life balance only makes sense. A happy driver satisfied with his or her job is also more likely to provide a good experience for our clients. Beyond those reasons, we believe that all humans deserve to have the dignity of earning a decent living and providing for their families. So, we continue to develop a company that is vibrant and inclusive.

We invite you to try us today. Once you do, we're quite sure that you will never use any other service again!
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