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Limo Chauffeur Driver - Preliminary Application

Thank you for your interest in chauffeur driving for Austin Private Car Service, Corporation. To us, creating and embracing a culture of respect and work/life balance only makes sense. Happy drivers who are satisfied with their tasks are also more likely to provide a good experience for our clients. Beyond those reasons, we believe that all humans deserve to have the dignity of earning a decent living and providing for their families. So, we continue to develop a company that is vibrant and inclusive. Yes there are busy periods of the year, but ultimately there has to be an equilibrium between work and play for each of us to thrive in the worlds that we are creating for ourselves.

We've heard many chauffeurs talk about past experiences and we've heard complaints of not being treated well. Many stories are indeed valid. That said, some drivers got what they deserved. Poaching an employer's clients is a quick way to get blacklisted in this industry by the owners of livery companies. Yet some livery owners treat virtually every driver like they are poaching business ... and we know that is not true. There are good, hard working drivers who have a deep integrity in the way they approach business. If that is you, we want to hear from you.

This industry is incredibly competitive and turning a profit is not easy. Do we have all the answers? No. But, we believe that there can be a good handshake between ownership and drivers. Instead of treating drivers as an easily replaceable resource, our goal is to continually create a corporation that respects drivers as partners in creating a world-class experience for our clients.

So, if you have integrity, a good work ethic, and harbor the intense desire and skills necessary to provide world-class customer service, we invite you to complete and submit the preliminary application below. Please know that we currently may or may not need drivers ... but, we like to have a number of possible drivers in the pipeline that we can contact if a need for a driver develops.

Thanks for your time and effort completing this application. We appreciate your interest.

Brad Stevens & John Waara, Managing Partners


Driving for you as an employee
Driving for you as a Independent Contractor
Active License with no points in last three years
Active License - I have one or more points on my record
I do not have a Driver's License
I have an active Austin Chauffeurs License
I used to have an Austin chauffeurs license, but it needs to be renewed
I do not have an Austin Chauffeurs License.
I can only drive your vehicles
I have a vehicle that I can drive
I can drive your vehicle or my vehicle
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